Dave Prince has basically been in a wrecker since he was 12 years old. His father Charlie Prince ran the Exxon Station in Coshocton, Ohio and in 1970 he bought two wreckers.

Dave worked with his dad until late 1975 when his dad got sick and he had to sell the wreckers. They were sold to Dan Cochran who had the Buick garage in town. Dave decided to work for Dan in the garage, although he was not old enough to drive yet. When he turned 16, he started driving the wreckers after school and on weekends. In 1977 after Dave graduated from High School, he bought his first wrecker, a 1957 B Model Mack. The following year in 1978, Dave decided to add AAA service, which he continues to provide to this day. He then bought his first garage in 1980, which was located on Chestnut Street in Coshocton and was running it with two trucks. Ten years later in 1990, he bought a bigger garage a block away on 5th street where the business remains today.

Dave donates a lot of his time and services to many organizations. For example, anytime any church needs a building moved, a van or bus towed, even bushes pulled, he is glad to help. The elderly and handicap are the two most important groups of people that are helped on a daily basis. Animals are also very important to Dave, as two draft horses were saved from the canal where they were pulling a boat. In another incident, a pregnant horse was pulled out of a culvert while giving birth to a colt. The owner of that horse decided to call the colt “Prince’s Wrecker”, a show of appreciation.

With professional full and part time employees, the right equipment, wreckers, rollbacks, service trucks and specialty trailers, Princes gets the job done right. Dave’s superb service and big heart are well known throughout the county. He has come a long way from his 1957 B-model Mack to the fleet he has today!